JasaPelayaran.com providing you with maximum efficiency in variety of services :

1. Vessel Safety and Security Management
We have extensive experience in developing and implementing well-documented management systems by clear procedures and guidelines.

  • ISM-Code & ISPS-Code Certification and Implementation
  • Developing Manual Guide for Safety and Security Vessel Management
  • ISM-Code & ISPS-Code Internal Audit :
  • JasaPelayaran.com carries out audit planning, preparation, and auditing for ISM and ISPS and all other compliance requirements : D.O.C/SMC/ISSC certification
  • SSP (Ship Security Plan) & SSA (Ship Security Assestment) Implementation

2. Vessel Certifications Services

  • SIUPAL Certification
  • Flag Change Registration
  • Change a Vessel Name
  • Certificate’ Expire Date Controlling and Certifications :
  • – Ship Registry,Nota Dinas, RPT Document, IOPP
    – Certification, Continued Survey and Endorsement

3.Crew Management Services
You may trust us to relieve you of all the training, certification, and administration, which is required to man a modern fleet of vessels. It includes :
– Certificate of Competency
– Seafarer Security Awareness Endorsement
– Validity and Revalidation of Seafarer Certificates (Certificate of Competency)

4.Vessel Salvage Services
Our wide network of expert staff and contacts with engineering and ship repair companies, guarantees competitive high quality standards on repair works large and small.
– Heavy Goods Haulage
– End of Life Vehicle
– Vehicle Recovery (Propeller and other vessel spare part repair or maintenance)

5.Safety Equipment Supply, Certification and Maintenance
– Life Raft and PMK Equipment Certification
– Safety Equipment Supply Maintenance
– Navigation and Communication Equipment Supply and Maintenance.